“To some it's only the best authentic Sky Juice brand in the world, but to me it's a way of life! I started this brand as Sky Juice was my favourite drink but it was never easy to get my hands on. I thought if it’s my favourite, I can’t be the only 1. I believe true success is freedom to live life on my own terms, doing what the f*** I want to do, which is everything except living an average life. So I bottled my favourite drink (with my own original recipe) and made it my mission to fill the soul of all the other Sip Shackers out there that also believe in what Sip Shack stands for!

I also believe in pushing our black culture forward. I create authentic products and experiences that inspire people to escape beyond their current reality and taste the freedom to Live a Likkle!

I started with Sip Shack Sky Juices & following the success of stocking over 400 stores, I then launched Rum Shack. Give both a try & thank me later!” - @shaqsuave (Founder)

Buy YOU a drink ooo weee(8)

Rum Shack

Inna e night time! This one's for the man dem here for a good time & a long time! Born from our desire to live life on our own terms - we're escaping the boring days and living our movie in the nights we can't share on the gram!

Our Rum with a Punch, Rum Shack Tonic Drink, makes every day feel like a #RumShackFriday. A secret invigorating and delicious blend of exotic fruits and Caribbean Rum. Rum Shack revitalises you at any time of the day or night!